Buffalo Uses His Final Moments To Get Revenge On The Hunter Who Shot Him

It’s times like this when you really have to appreciate karma in all her glory.

A dying buffalo made a last-ditch effort to defend itself by goring a hunter through the leg after he shot it with arrows multiple times.

Chris Mcsherry, from Gove, Australia, came across the buffalo while out bow hunting last week in Port Bradshaw, just off the northeast coast of the Northern Territory.

He shot two arrows towards the animal in an attempt to take it down, but the buffalo tried to escape and fled the scene.

The buffalo, which is said to have weighed approximately 1,700lbs, was hit with a ‘couple more bolts from [Mcsherry’s friend’s] crossbow’ as the hunter tried to ‘put the animal out of [its] misery’, but the beast was determined not to go down without a fight.

It charged towards the hunter and gored him twice, leaving Mcsherry with a large hole above his right knee and an eight-inch gash from the back of his thigh to his rear.

After suffering the ‘decent wounds’, Mcsherry was transported to Darwin hospital where he underwent two surgeries. He may also have to undergo skin grafts as a result of the attack.

Mcsherry’s partner Elenie Bromot, shared an update following the incident, writing:

“Just wanted to give everyone an update, Chris Mcsherry is doing fine and is having surgery as we speak, thank you to everyone that has offered support to me and the girls and Ty, I am very grateful means a lot, and thank you to everyone thats has gone to see if he is ok in Darwin hospital, i really appreciate you all as i can not be there with him xoxo hopefully is home soon, will keep you updated.”

In spite of his painful injuries, the hunter remained optimistic he would get back out into the wild.

He wrote: “Buff is dead I’m alive (this time) and hope to be back with my family and friends soon thanks for all the well wishes on other posts I appreciate the love and support and will live to hunt another day.”

It’s unclear what happened to the buffalo once Mcsherry slaughtered it, though images show the beast lying on the ground, bloated. Pictures on Mcsherry’s Facebook page show him posing proudly alongside some of his other “hunts.”

We can only hope to see more karma in action.

Raven Josephine-Povar

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