These Endangered Species Gowns Were Designed To Raise Awareness And They’re Stunning

Filipino freelance fashion designer Joshua Asuncion used to practice designing gowns with the use of borrowed color pencils. 

Young Filipino fashion designer Joshua Asuncion has created many cool ideas, which can be seen on his Facebook page, ARTsuncion. His latest creations, however, are something truly incredible.

Philippine Eagle-inspired fashion illustration from ARTsuncion Facebook page.

Joshua has designed gowns inspired by some of the Philipines’ endangered species such as Tarsier, Dugong, and Philippine Eagle – much to the delight of netizens who saw the compilation on social media.

The gown designs posted in early July on the young designer’s Facebook page  garnered attention and positive comments from people from all over the world.

Bohol’s Tarsier-inspired fashion illustration. Credits to ARTsuncion.

Other endangered species from the Philippines featured in his gown designs are: Palawan Peacock Pheasants, Hawksbill Turtles, Mindoro Tamaraw, Visayan-spotted Dear, Walden’s Hornbill, and Mindoro

A commenter even likened Asuncion’s Philippine wildlife creations to the hit animation series 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella de Vil-vibes – though they hoped that no animal skin/fur/feather will be used as materials of the gown pieces. Don’t worry, no animals will be used…obviously.

Palawan Peacock Pheasant-inspired fashion illustration. Credits to ARTsuncion.

Some said the ARTsuncion designs can be used as the national costume of the Philippines for the next Miss Universe pageant.

“Many thanks to everyone who appreciated my designs. Now I have something to look back on whenever I feel discouraged,” Asuncion said on social media in response to the commenters appreciation of his designs.

Asuncion shared on Facebook that he started to dream of becoming a fashion designer when he was only six years old. He used to practice designing gowns with the use of borrowed color pencils.

After years of observing fashion, the aspiring Filipino fashion designer revealed that he only had the guts to practice his passion this year.

Hawksbill Turtle-inspired fashion illustration. Credits to ARTsuncion.

“Pangarap ko lang noon, pangarap ko parin hanggang ngayon (It’s been my dream. The dream remains),” Asuncion said.

Joshua Asuncion also created gown designs inspired by Philippine flowers and leaves.

WATCH how Joshua Asuncion created the Palawan-inspired gown designs in this video and TELL US in the comments below your suggestions for future inspirations!

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