He Stopped Wearing Modern Clothes At 14, And Now Only Wears Historical Clothing

Written by   for Bored Panda – Image credits: Zack Pinsent

We have all been in a situation that required some fancier fashion choices, right?

A nicely tailored suit or little black dress would do the trick for most of us mortals but this guy from Brighton, UK, took it to a completely next level. He simply decided there’s no reason to dress down, well… Basically ever.

Sure, why wear normal clothes when you can look like a Disney prince every day, especially if it makes you feel good and could easily turn into a successful business? Scroll down to find out all about it!

Zack Mc Leod Pinsent is a 25-year-old from Brighton who decided that modern-day clothing just wasn’t doing the trick for him. He did wear normal clothes for many years but hated every second of it and therefore got himself into tailoring and started making historical costumes for himself.

Nowadays, he doesn’t own or wear any modern clothing and recalls ceremoniously burning his last pair of jeans back when he was 14-years-old. From that day up until now, he only wears historical clothing everywhere he goes.

Even though lots of people can find it strange, he strongly believes in his fashion choices and doesn’t seem to be bothered by people commenting at all. After all, the only thing that really matters is that he himself feels wonderful with what he wears.

And the historical clothing he makes for himself is a huge confidence builder allowing Zack to feel ten-feet high. Doesn’t sound too bad after all, right? What’s the comment of a drunk guy on the street at 3 AM when you actually feel like you’re on cloud nine the whole time-

Having such confidence, he is not looking back and is definitely not planning to go back to his old fashion habits anytime soon.

He finds generally people are genuinely interested and appreciative of what he’s doing. Enough to be actually paying money for that, allowing Zack to turn this hobby of his into a full-time career.

He stays humble about that, saying he has no idea how it happened. This modest guy is making men and women’s bespoke clothing from the 1660s to the 1920s, his main focus being the Georgian and Regency period, and is getting orders even from the USA.

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