The Awesome Superpower You Should Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all have something that sparks our inner fire. Something that makes us want to release our true power.

But what would your true power be? Every zodiac sign has something unique about themselves which impacts their inherent abilities, whether it’s for good, or evil. (Just kidding, we doubt any of you are evil, but a few of you DO have a dark side that’s not to be messed with.)

Let’s see what your superpower would be, based on your zodiac sign:

Aries – Super Strength

People born under Aries are bundles of energy and enthusiasm. They are people that want to leave a mark on this world with their feats, doing things that no one dared to imagine. An Aries wants to do it all themselves through brute determination and Super Strength is the power for this.

Taurus – Object Creation

Object creation isn’t necessarily the first power think of but it really kills two birds with one stone for this superficial zodiac. Taurus is a sign that values stability and convenience, so the ability to spawn whatever they desire in the comfort of their home is ideal. You could have all the diamonds you could ever dream of, quite literally!

Gemini – Telepathy

Gemini’s thing is getting to know people and sharing ideas with them. Already masters of communication, this extroverted zodiac is adept at making people open up. With telepathy, however, a Gemini would be able to learn about the parts of people that they struggle to talk about. It’s a power which would certainly help them on an emotional level.

Cancer – Invisibility

Cancer is one of the most caring signs but this is a power that will only serve them. While their emotional sensitivity is one of their traits which makes them such compassionate people, it also a large factor in why they’re one of the most insecure signs. Invisibility gives them the ability to hide when they feel low, but it equally gives them a way of spying during their moods and bouts of envy.

Leo – Cloning

Another unorthodox superpower perhaps, but this an ability that works well with the Leo personality. This highly loyal zodiac often has a small close-knit circle but Leos often struggle to know who to trust. As natural born leaders, what seems more appealing than creating your own empire of trusted followers … Probably cloning yourself, right?

Virgo – Force Fields

The idea that all Virgos are very critical is one of those exaggerated zodiac stereotypes, but there is certainly some truth to the idea that they prefer working alone and uninterrupted. A force field blocking sound and touch is ideal for their issue of having to reluctantly entertain people and ideas that they don’t really care about.

Libra – Time Travel

A fan favorite choice, Libra’s most apt superpower would have to be time travel. People born under this constellation are typically concerned with justice and equality, so the ability to move through time would give them the chance to try and right some wrongs in history. Take care though, we don’t know what the butterfly effect will be.

Scorpio – Mind Control

This one shouldn’t come as too much of a shock for anyone, especially if you’re a Scorpio yourself. While it’s a symptom of their passionate natures, Scorpios are one of the most possessive zodiacs there are. Mind control not only gives them the information they want, but also ensure their love is requited. The most manipulative zodiac controlling minds is a scary thought, though!

Sagittarius – Teleportation

As such an independent sign that continually seeks freedom, it’s only right that their power allows them move freely through space. Logistics, responsibilities and money typically limits their ability to travel and enjoy what this earth has to offer. Teleportation sorts out all these issues … in an instant.

Capricorn – Stopping Time

The Capricorn personality is renowned for their self-discipline and dedication, making them typically a successful zodiac. However, a common criticism is that this sign is all work and no play, often leading to neglecting other areas of life. Stopping time would give them the time to work to their heart’s content without missing out on any other areas of life.

Aquarius – Clairvoyance

Known as the progressives of the horoscope, Aquarius are the people that are looking to revolutionize society. Already possessing great intuition about future events, Aquarius is one of the few courageous zodiacs brave enough to see the future and shape it accordingly. With this power, this could be how your zodiac changes the world.

Pisces – Healing Powers

Always thinking about the condition of others, even when they are suffering themselves, healing powers make the most sense for Pisces. This isn’t exactly the proudest zodiac, so many Pisces would be more than happy to take a power which benefits the world rather than just themselves.