This Full Strawberry Moon In Sagittarius Is Going To Be A Powerful Phase For Emotions

The June 2019 Full Moon is one of the most important astrological moments this year. It happens on June 17 in Sagittarius. This is going to be huge because it coincides with two other cosmic aspects.

Maybe the reason to put a note on your calendar about the June 2019 Full Moon is that it is the last moon of a cycle, the cycle of the current eclipse, which started with the January 5th solar eclipse.

The other two major aspects are Jupiter-Neptune square and Saturn-Neptune sextile. The first one happens the day before and the second one day after the Full Moon. In short words, we can say that this period will put a lot of emotional tension in the air and make fuel for your dreams to come true.

We still have Mercury and Mars aligning very close and linking themselves to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.


While the Jupiter-Neptune square brings embarrassing situations and disappointments regarding your faith in yourself, Saturn-Neptune sextile brings the opposite, so it will be hard to balance both aspects.

You can choose to focus on the positive Saturn-Neptune sextile. It will give you the power to believe in yourself and that you do the right things to achieve what you desire. You can be optimistic about your future and as long as you work patiently (and even sacrifice in the short term), you are going to see the results in the end. This is mandatory when we talk about Saturn.

Neptune in Pisces will guide you into a fantasy world where you can connect to your intuition. This is good, but do not forget the real world and to put your feet on the ground. Thankfully, we have Saturn for that good dose of reality. You can count on Mercury-Mars conjunction for that too. They will give you the necessary focus and assertiveness to pursue your goals in a more practical way.

The final happy touch in the June 2019 Full Moon is the conjunction with Jupiter. You are going to feel a smooth breeze of joy and generosity. Good fortune and success are on your way.



Aries: it’s time to celebrate! You have been able to keep your roots on the ground, being faithful to yourself but willing to move. All the effort you had put on work or personal projects will lead you to bigger accomplishments now.


The key to this Full Moon is to be grateful, Taurus. Think about all the people who helped you in the past months. Knowing that you are not at the place you are right now only because your effort is humble. Why do not you take the opportunity to do the same for others now?


The Full Moon will be responsible for a blooming romantic aura. But, Gemini, do not lose yourself in too much fantasy. Remember your values and how much you are worth it before putting your happiness in someone else’s hands – or worse, making your happiness someone else’s responsibility.


The balance between the real and the fantasy world that this Full Moon proposes is going to be hard to achieve, Cancer. You are going to need to trust your heart while you navigate between the tradition and rules that you love and the practical sense you need in daily life.


Being true to yourself is one of your best qualities, Leo. But you do not need to speak your voice every single time. In this Full Moon period, do not worry about being smaller before other people. It is going to be good for you if you adapt to them instead of expecting them adapting to you.


Virgo, you always sacrifice yourself for the greater good because this is something natural for you – and it feels good to your humanitarian nature. But the Full Moon brings some questions to the table that you should not ignore. Spend some time thinking about what you really desire.


You usually have a hard time when making decisions or choosing sides, Libra. For you, nobody is wrong and everybody is right. But how to move if you can not decide where to go? The Full Moon asks you to finally make a choice and commit to it until the end.


You have the tendency to trust no one and only believe when you see. These days are not going to be easy to you Scorpio, because they will seem kinda blurry. However, the Full Moon period is the beginning of great things coming to your way. You will only have to trust that time will show you.


This Full Moon is going to be extra special for you because it is in Sagittarius. Do not take things for granted though. It will be a good time to practice your patience and generosity towards others, especially helping people who are close to you.


Full Moons usually brings some health issues to the surface. Capricorn, take the time to go to the doctor if there is something bothering you. Only feeling confident about your health will give you the power to make the right decisions in this period.


Oh, Aquarius, you manage a million of contacts like no one else and we congratulate you for that. But in such an emotional phase, there might be some things that you only can see if you focus enough. Although social events are always an opportunity to expand your network, you might miss something if wander too much.


We know that you have a hard time promoting yourself and your work. You do not want to be in the spotlight but this Full Moon has some wonderful things for you if you take the risk. Take a deep breath, Pisces, and make a stand even if you are not feeling that confident. You are worthy and you need to start believing that as soon as possible.