Seattle Woodworker Creates Breathtaking Bathtubs Using Marine Technology

Most people do not associate words like artistic beauty with thoughts about bathtubs. But if one artist has his way, this may soon change.

Nathie Katzoff, the artist and designer behind these gorgeous tubs started off as a boat maker. But he now spends his days making bathtubs with an aesthetic value unlike anything seen before. What’s more, Kazoff uses his knowledge of building and woodworking to make sure the bathtubs are both practical and eco-friendly. He recently spoke to Iconic Life about his life and work.

Katzoff says he chooses wood for his constructions because it is the sustainable material he desires for building bathtubs that will last many years. He explains wood is a product of the earth. And when timber is harvested and treated properly, its life expectancy is almost forever.

It may be no surprise that Katzoff began his career as an artist. He tells Iconic Life, “I always had a good sense of proportion, color, space, and design, without having had any formal education.”

After a few teenage trips with friends, he found himself interested in woodworking. This led to a period in Katzoff’s life when he worked as a shipbuilder. Katzoff is now the owner of a custom furniture business and works daily at a craft he loves.

It is no easy feat to create a wooden tub with an aesthetic value that will stand up to many years of usage. The wood must be able to handle frequent use and endure being exposed to constant water. Katzoff has mastered the process.

Katzoff will not share with what he treats the wood, with but he does share a couple of ingredients that make up his secret formula: He says he only uses hardwoods certified by the FSC. He says in the interview that many local trees have been recycled to complete his work. He explains the result is sustainable pieces that do not end up in a trash pile when current styles change.

Katzoff says each piece produced by his company is with the thought it will remain with the family for many years. He is rewarded handsomely for the time and attention it takes to construct the bathtubs. The price of Katzoff’s creations starts at $30,000, according to Seattle Magazine.

Raven Josephine-Povar

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