Horoscopes for May 26th to June 2nd 2019

This week features a contrast between what’s real and what’s sounds good but is probably misleading.

May 29th sees Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune, which will blur the facts/choices or make you reluctant to choose anything. This is followed by Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter Rx on May 30th, which will expand what’s confusing and add a lovely shine to all information. But the better it sounds the bigger the (potential) disappointment – it will be easy to overlook the details in favour of what looks nice.

On May 31st, Venus in Taurus trines Saturn Rx, followed by a trine to Pluto Rx on June 2nd. Here is your reality check, and it’s a nice one. Venus in Taurus is the thing you want – money, self-esteem or relationship issues with growth potential that will be supported by the rules (and your work) and intensified by the slow but inevitable reconstruction of those rules. You’re simultaneously tapping into what’s shifting while aligning yourself with emerging responsibilities. The Rx action means this is an issue from the past that’s coming to a head.


Aspects to Mercury in your communication sector can present a wonderful idea, but what you don’t see (or aren’t admitting) will undermine the issue. Check the facts carefully and double check your expectations. In some cases, the review of issues related to travel, education, legal matters or publishing can reveal inaccuracies.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources look good for earned income, self-esteem and security, as long as you’re willing to take a slow, steady approach to a career issue. Your professional image or expression of authority can solidify, but patience and discipline are key.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of personal resources can reveal some promising information about money or a relationship, but you may overestimate how much you’re getting. Overspending or over-promising are possibilities, as are confusing financial details. Be very careful when dealing with financial documents or loaning money.

Aspects to Venus in your sign can help you nail down potentials around travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Playing by the rules and moving forward slowly are the keys to making a desired outcome official or strengthening your reputation. Are you ready to commit to what you want?


Aspects to Mercury in your sign suggest career and partnership issues can be misleading. A relationship or a partner’s hopes will seem very, very good, but future goals will be blurry. Professional issues, dealing with management or your own unclear grasp of authority can take you down the wrong path. Too, you could be delivering mixed messages. Before you speak up, make sure that your facts are solid  – what you say today could dissolve.

Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector look promising for a hidden or background potential. Progress will not be quick, but the gradual resolution of issues involving shared finances or intimacy can solidify your foundation while confirming that your hard work is paying dividends – this is about the rewards you receive that no one else can see.


Aspects to Mercury in your hidden sector can pump up the fantasies, suspicions or ungrounded hopes. What you think you’re seeing could be way off base – use extra caution if you are about to apply a work or health solution. Secrets or unsubstantiated hints can swirl around in the background, but some or all of this may dissolve.

Aspects to Venus in your social sector suggest a solid commitment with friends, groups or  the public. Changes in a partnership, or the intensification of your responsibilities in a one-on-one relationship, can favourably impact your social image. Watch for an increase of respect and real attractions, based on maturity. In some cases, a relationship commitment can be made public.


Aspects to Mercury in your social sector suggest public promises, social ideals or big announcements may sound good but end up being disappointing. Be cautious with what you say publicly and treat social conversations with some scepticism. Be prepared to back up anything you say with proof.

Aspects to Venus in your career sector can solidify your professional image, a professional relationship or promising job development, as long as you’ve tapped into the ongoing endings, transformations and extra work in a health or routine area. Your focus, willingness to improve and willingness to let go of what’s no longer working can attract something favourable, including attention from management.


Aspects to Mercury in your career sector suggest misleading conversations with management or mixed professional messages. A partner or competitor can stir up distraction, and a big announcement or conclusion may sound quite hopeful but can involve a sacrifice. Make sure you have all the facts before you make a statement about your plans for the future. A domestic partnership can feature a change in plans and some disconnection regarding what you both agreed on.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of opportunities can nail down a favourable development  in the areas of long-distance romance, education, legal matters, travel or publishing. Your ongoing work regarding a highly desired objective, or the development of your talents, can pay dividends as you hook into public recognition or a new but solid area of growth.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of opportunities can deliver promising answers or choices in the areas of long-distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. A hope or plan could be greatly expanded, but the practical details may not be so practical. Make sure that what you’re putting your faith in does not undermine your daily reality or make a problem worse.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources suggest debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy can achieve slow but definite stability. Responsibilities at home, or endings in a family scenario, can confirm a deeper connection or reassure you. Domestic finances are favoured, as long as they involve careful spending.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of shared resources suggest that conversations, research or documents involving debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy may be inaccurate. Hopes regarding sharing or spending may be greatly exaggerated, fuelled by unrealistic and risky indulgences. You may reveal more (secrets) than you intended.

Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector look good for formal conversations, official documents or discussions about commitment and responsibilities.  Love/affection will be demonstrated with a practical focus, and your commitment to embracing an ending or transformation of set ideas can strengthen a partnership. These aspects favour solid, but intense expressions of love and declarations that are firmly based in reality.


Aspects to Mercury in your relationship sector (including the opposition to Jupiter Rx in your sign) indicate that a partner’s promise, or your projected ideas about a relationship, may be based on illusion. An answer, final choice or plan for the future could dissolve or be greatly exaggerated. Trying to pin the other person down to one choice will be difficult.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine favour solid work or health habits. Self-care, service to others or daily routines look good if you align yourself with necessary transformations in how you handle your money or set your boundaries. This is the slow, steady build of self-esteem and security, based on practical applications of what you want.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of routine can make health or work issues tricky, as information, diagnoses or solutions are hopeful but confusing. Mixed messages and inflated but unacknowledged ideals will make it difficult to focus on what needs to be done. In some cases, you can be overwhelmed by the amount of work or information.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression (including the trine to Pluto and Saturn Rx in your sign) are excellent for manifesting and confirming something you want. Issues around creativity, children, confidence or a new attraction can crystallize into reality as you apply your focus and will. This is about recognizing that you’re responsible for what you want.


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of self-expression can pump up the flirtations, fun conversations, big promises or creative inspiration. Great for having fun but be careful if money is involved or if you’re looking for something long-term. Risk and excitement are high but what’s promised may not be delivered.

Aspects to Venus in your domestic sector favour solid family harmony, domestic finances or making peace with the past. Tap into an ongoing ending or your sense that what’s pulling away is inevitable, and watch how this solidifies your current security and sense of belonging. You are exactly where you need to be.


Aspects to Mercury in your domestic sector, including the square to Neptune in your sign, can make family discussions or documents/decisions about your home/home business tricky. Big plans or hopes for the future can be misleading, and you may misunderstand the facts or deliver a confusing message. Double check all mortgage and rental agreements.

Aspects to Venus in your communication sector suggest the potential for social commitments or solid public messages. Your words can be received favourably, and respected, if you follow the rules as well as the current of what’s changing. An old public agreement or social judgement may be transforming – now’s the time to tap into this and express yourself. Too, messages from friends/groups can be relied on.