Chose One Star To Reveal Hidden Features Of Your Personality

Stars have always had a special place in ancient civilizations and cultures throughout the history of humankind.

In this test we’ll ask you to relax, take a moment, and look at this image of 6 various stars. Choose the one that catches your eye the most, or that you feel you like the most. Then, we will reveal something interesting about your hidden personality traits.

Be sure to let us know if this was accurate for you!

Choose one of the six stars below to reveal your hidden personality traits:

If you chose STAR 1

Your unique hidden personality trait is that you are always positive and tend to look for ways to improve yourself. You are not someone who is easily discouraged, and your spark of brightness lights up the whole room.

This approach to life not only makes you resilient, but also makes you a great friend who can support your loved ones in any situation. You are outgoing, but sometimes you keep to yourself to not hurt people. This allows you to sift through the people you are around and leaves you with only a few truly good friends.

If you chose STAR 2

There are two really important things for you — personal space and respect from your peers and loved ones. More introvert, than extrovert, you are not distant from other people, but just more reserved.

You value simple, good traits like honesty and kindness, and you’re always there for your friends. This is why you should also beware of people using you only for their gain. Always trust your sixth sense, because it will lead you out of those types of situations.

If you chose STAR 3

Every obstacle in your way is just another reason to learn something new.

You don’t shy away from constructive criticism, and always maintain your cordial and cheerful disposition with others. People perceive you as trustworthy and as a person who has a lot of leadership skills.

If you chose STAR 4

You have the outstanding ability and willingness to help others with their problems. You love helping people in need and sometimes it may even seem like you have a hero complex — because who else would be better at saving the world than you?

You are a beam of light and inspiration in the lives of others. You are an intelligent person, but you don’t always share your thoughts with other people.

If you chose STAR 5

The hallmark of your personality is endless energy and restlessness. You are torn by a hundred ideas at a time. You are always willing to face new challenges and get really hyped at the opportunity to try something new.

You are beaming with a love for life, which you are trying to live to the fullest. And that’s what makes you a person with great life goals, just be sure to not get distracted.

If you chose STAR 6

You are smart, very curious, and courageous when it comes to new adventures and knowledge. Very honest and transparent, you are openminded and try to keep your judgement unclouded.

You are a natural-born leader and a guide to others. They rely heavily on your sense of right and wrong and value your educated opinion.


Raven Josephine-Povar

Born in Chile, I moved to NY when I was 17, and never stopped chasing my dreams. Avid writer, and cat enthusiast, I explore the world around me and share the interesting things I find with an open mind.