Choose One Tree To Discover Your Message For the Week Ahead

This is the last week of May, and we are heading into the Halfway Point of 2019. This can either be a pivotal time for you, or it can be a smooth sailing time- but it won’t be both.

To find out what the week ahead holds for you, all you have to do is choose one of the four trees below. Each one has the same foundation and trunk, but they all have different shapes and represent various important signs.

The one you feel most drawn to will help you to discover the most vital message you need to hear for this upcoming week. Which one did you choose?

If you chose TREE #1: 

While you prefer to make a plan and stick with it, you’re flexible if things change. This week ahead is going to need you to use that flexibility. Otherwise, if you overthink and overplan, you will miss the most beautiful things unfolding right before your eyes. Take note of the small things, they will not disappoint. There are not a lot of highs and lows this week, which truly is a healthy balance.

If you chose TREE #2:

Friends think you’re the sweetest person they know. Even strangers pick up on how nice of a person you are. This week ahead is going to ask you to save some of that kindness for yourself. instead of always being there for others, and helping them through their hardest of times, you need to take time for yourself and focus on what your needs are. It’s vital for you to recharge and be your best self if you are going to continue to try to save everyone else. And everyone knows, you will always be there for others.

If you chose TREE #3:

Just as a redwood rises above other trees, you are a leader among your friends. You think through decisions, make good choices from the get go, and you stick with them. People admire that strength in you, and rely on you for it. This week is going to test you on your strength, so be prepared for the storm ahead. You are not the type to ask for help, or to budge at all when you’ve made up your mind, but this might be the time to let some of that stubbornness go. The past week was an emotional one, but this week is where your true feelings will come out.

If you chose TREE #4:

People are drawn to you because of your fun nature and positive personality. It’s important to remember that you are allowed to feel all the emotions you feel, you don’t only have to show the world your smile; you’re allowed to cry, vent, get upset, just like everyone else. This week is going to show you that, if you allow yourself the freedom to express how you feel, you will find a deeper inner-respect and love for you that you never knew was there. this week is all about loving your true self.