After This Product Was Posted, People Started Commenting In The Most Hilarious Way

If you haven’t heard of Groupon, you are missing out. They have some rather interesting products, like this one called the “Banana Bunker.”

But the product itself isn’t so much where the attention comes from- rather the comments on the product is where you’ll find the real gold.

The Banana Bunker is a unique product all its own. It was designed to keep your fruit fresher and safer for an extended period of time, in order to slow down the ripening or decay.

Of course, once you look at the product, you probably will have something to say about it…just like these clever people did. Oh, and even Groupon decided to jump in on the fun!

First, Groupon let the world know about the interesting product. And all was quiet…for a little bit.

Excellent questions were raised, showing concern of banana safety and protection. Just how many Banana Bunkers do you need for one banana?

It is also important to remember how much we should show our appreciation and gratitude.

“Is it okay to caress my Banana Bunker?”

“Human contact is always a great way to show someone or something how much you care! Hold it dear, and let it know that you’re proud of its snack fruit protection.”

And no, this was not a joke. Fruit protection is never a joking matter.

The good news for everyone interested is that the product will work for all different types of bananas. Small, short, bendy- it doesn’t matter.

“My friend said her banana was too curvy. Is this the only shape it comes in? Is it a flexible container?”

“The soft plastic reservoir, located in the middle, is able to expand and twist to suit all bananas.”

Don’t worry about keeping your banana bunked up for longer than a few hours- it’s perfectly fine to do so.

“Is there someone you should contact if your banana stays bunked for longer than four hours?”

“Nope, just pat yourself on the back–you’re loyal and protective towards your bananas and it shows.”

And even though the Banana Bunker might not be 100% effective, it is pretty darn close.

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