The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Worries About THE MOST In A Relationship

As much as you love the person you’re with, chances are, you have some worries.

Even if you are not in a relationship, the prospect of these worries happening can make you not want to be with someone at all. However, your relationship worries and insecurities can longer hold you back when you have a clear understanding of where they come from and why they exist.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has one major worry that outweighs all the others. What is it for your zodiac sign?

The Worst Relationship Worry For ARIES

Being cheated on: Despite their feisty character and apparent self-assurance, Aries people constantly worry about being cheated on by the person they love most. Aries lacks confidence in love and relationships especially when they’ve been hurt in the past.

The Worst Relationship Worry For TAURUS

Revealing their feelings: Taurus people often have a reputation for being a little standoffish and that also applies to their attitudes to relationships. Taurus hates opening up and leaving themselves vulnerable to rejection and heartbreak.

The Worst Relationship Worry For GEMINI

Settling down: Gemini people are all about having fun and nothing about them is overly serious. Settling down and planning their future are big deals to a Gemini person who typically lives life on a day-to-day basis.

The Worst Relationship Worry For CANCER

Other people’s opinions: Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac sign which explains why they take other people’s opinions to heart. Cancer people often get caught up worrying about what other people think rather than focusing on their relationships.

The Worst Relationship Worry For LEO

Developing a wandering eye: Leos love being the center attention and they are no strangers to flirting! Leo people are natural flirts and even when they are happy in love they can’t escape their need for attention. Despite their commitment, Leos worry about developing a wandering eye.

The Worst Relationship Worry For VIRGO

Having no time for love: Virgo people are real busy bees and their jobs really are important to them. Balancing their time and focusing part of their attention on their relationship rather than on their career is challenging for Virgos and a real source of worry.

The Worst Relationship Worry For LIBRA

Fear of relationship failure: Libra’s biggest worry in a relationship is failure. Libras are natural perfectionists and constantly worry about things not working out for them in love. Libra can get so caught up worrying that they miss red flags.

The Worst Relationship Worry For SCORPIO

Fear of changing: Here is a zodiac sign that will always want to stay true to them and won’t accept having to change without a fight. Relationships are all about give and take, yet Scorpio worries they won’t be able to make the changes their partner asks for.

The Worst Relationship Worry For SAGITTARIUS

Fear of getting bored: Sagittarius people are reputed for being the biggest cheaters of the zodiac which helps legitimize why their biggest relationship fear is getting bored. Sagittarius people don’t intend to break hearts but love playing with fire.

The Worst Relationship Worry For CAPRICORN

Having to give up hobbies: Capricorns are very traditional which means they have a hard time accepting change. For a Capricorn, relationships involve giving up hobbies and making sacrifices which they aren’t totally ready to make.

The Worst Relationship Worry For AQUARIUS

Falling onto a rut: Aquarius’ biggest fear in a relationship is losing the passion and falling into a rut. Aquarius needs excitement and fun to feel good in a love and really stress about the idea of falling into a boring and passionless funk.

The Worst Relationship Worry For PISCES

Having to give up your space: When it comes to love and relationships, Pisces people want to be able keep their own space and independence. As a freedom loving zodiac sign, Pisces’ biggest worry in a relationship is losing their autonomy.