The ISFJ Woman Is The Most Empathic, And Most Common Myers-Briggs Type

The typical ISFJ (Twenty percent of all women) is blessed with an empathetic nature that nurtures others. As a result, she is the backbone of the serving professions, whether she is a nurse, a kindergarten teacher, a social worker, a counselor, mother, homemaker, or religious worker. Kindness is part of her soft nature, and as a result, she is generally well liked by others when they get to know her.

The F in ISFJ stands for feelings.The ladies in this group make their decisions based on their feelings and not on critical thinking. Seventy three percent of all women are ‘feelers’ and make their decisions based on their feelings. Sometimes they will call this intuition but it isn’t intuition, as intuition is a piece of information that comes to you out of nowhere (and then you’re basing your information on data, not feelings). Only eight percent of men fit the ISFJ category, though. It is, essentially, a female persona.

This lady is highly observant. It is not unusual for her to remember an exact facial expression from the previous year. She also notices what people do and how people do it. If you ever want a description of someone, she is the one to tell you.

As an introvert, she doesn’t function well in a huge crowd of party animals. Rather, she likes to have a handful of close friends with whom she hangs out – probably the lady serving at the church cake sale, obviously enjoying the company of the other ladies she is serving with. Rather than having a more lighthearted companionship with many different people, she gains a deep sense of satisfaction from depth relationships with a few people.

The ISFJ woman needs immediate closure. She does not live happily with unanswered questions. She does not enjoy the insecurity of ‘not knowing.’ Her world needs to make sense immediately. As she bases her decisions on her feelings, this attribute isn’t always easy for others to understand, especially if you made her feel awkward, hurt her, or embarrassed her. Her immediate response might be to dislike you, and that will be that. She won’t change her mind.

Anyone who is her friend will never need to doubt that they will be alone in trouble. They won’t be. The ISFJ lady will hover and comfort and provide every practical assistance. You can’t go wrong here.

While she will love for life, the converse is also true. She will dislike for life as well. A family vendetta or feud is more likely to arrive from the ISFJ than any other type. Don’t expect forgiveness. If you’ve been judged and found wanting, family or not, that’s where you are going to stay.


Raven Josephine-Povar

Born in Chile, I moved to NY when I was 17, and never stopped chasing my dreams. Avid writer, and cat enthusiast, I explore the world around me and share the interesting things I find with an open mind.