Woman Adopts Senior Dog At Shelter And Discovers It’s Her Childhood Pet

I grew up having dogs in our household. They were my playmates, and I can’t imagine my life without dogs. I was lucky that my parents also loved our dogs and treat them like family.

However, not everyone has supportive parents. As a child, some circumstances are beyond our control. When I was a kid, I wanted to adopt stray kittens, but my parents wouldn’t allow me to keep them. It was frustrating, and I felt helpless.

Just like Nicole Renae, she grew up having with her only dog. It was a birthday gift from her granny, and she named her Chloe. They were best friends and inseparable.

One day, her parents asked her to give up Chloe in a shelter, due to her dad’s new work. He started to work from home and required their home quiet, just like an office setting.

She was devastated and felt helpless. Nicole was only a child and cannot decide on the matter.

Nicole said that she often found herself thinking of Chloe and would tear up thinking of her. She also tried to look for her dog, but the local shelter where they surrendered Chloe cannot tell her any information.

When Nicole started to have a family of her own, she wanted her family complete. She knew exactly what her family needs and it was a dog.

Nicole and her husband were both animal lovers decided to adopt a dog in their local shelter. They wanted a puppy, but Nicole saw a Facebook post of their local shelter, appealing for someone to adopt a senior dog.

The dog in the picture looked so much like her best friend, Chloe. It has been eight years since she last saw her dog, but when the two saw each other for the first time, it was clear to her that it is indeed her best friend.

Nicole remembered that Chloe has a microchip and the number matched Chloe’s microchip number. Nicole said that she will never part with Chloe again and will make sure that her remaining years will be full of love.

Credits to Nicole Grimes