How To Be Creative: 5 Surprising Tips to Open Your Mind

As an artist I have often heard people say I can’t even draw a stick figure! I’m not good at it! They count themselves out before they have even begun. I believe everybody has the capacity for creativity it just requires a curiosity and willingness to explore.

Here are six great tips to help you prepare for creativity. You may be surprised as it may not be what you think.

1 Nature

Step into nature, connect with mother earth and take a real moment to look around you. Experience the sights, the sounds, the energy of the environment you’re in. Feel the breeze on your skin and let it start to de-stress you. Being in nature helps restore your energy balance and improves your mood. Some people like the ocean, to walk their dog on the beach, to meet a friend for a hike, some like the forest and rivers. Whatever nature environment works for you is the ticket.

Walking in nature also helps boost your brain power and the fresh air of the outdoors helps clear your mind. Trees provide an overwhelming amount of oxygen just notice the difference of how you feel when you walk amongst trees as compared to walking in the city. And adding in the fact that you’re getting in a dose of exercise as well can’t hurt!

If you want to take it one step further walk barefoot, walking barefoot grounds and anchors you to the earth and allows you to be replenished by mother earth boosting your energy levels.

The science behind this is that as we go about our daily lives we are bombarded with electrical devices and electromagnetic smog which produce free radicals in the body and as these accumulate in the body if not released can disrupt our biological rhythms and a build up as a high level of stress. The earth is the opposite it is negatively charged and helps regulate these excess electrical currents and bring us back to balance. It can even be as simple as standing on grass for five to ten minutes in your backyard or having fun in the garden and placing your hands in the earth.

2 Take photos

If you have a phone camera that will do the trick. Take photos of anything you find interesting on your walks. It can be simple as well, you don’t need to take epic landscape shots it could be a leaf or an interesting shape of a building as you pass along. Click! Click!

It’s fantastic for reference material when you begin drawing and your sitting wondering `well what can I draw? how do I get started?’ You can refer back to photos you took and save yourself thinking too hard. Overthinking is death in art! (in life too but hey that’s another article)

The type of photos and what you snap is also a clue to your interests and where they lie. It’s a visual record of what’s important to you.

You can use take these pictures you took and print them out to use, or even play around with colours on your computer and see what you can come up with. The world is your oyster! This method works well to help you view things differently and get you in a creative mind frame.

It also ensures that your creative work will be original (if you use internet photos perfectly ok as well) you took the photo and now your using it as part of your artistic process. It’s been your discovery in essence.

3 Keep it Simple

Keep it simple when you begin, try to give yourself a nice nook or quiet area where you can allow your imagination to run wild and not be distracted. Set up a nice space for yourself where you can spread out. It might be facing the window outdoors or you may want to create outside whatever feels good to you. If you are interrupted, it can be hard to jump in and out of creative flow.

Turn your phone and other devices off, give this time to you. Quite a task in this busy digital age but as you might have noticed colouring books and doodling is quite the rage for a reason. It is a chance for people to mindlessly allow themselves a breather and be productive at the same time Win, Win!

The practice of art and creativity can be quite meditative as well, careful you might get addicted!

4 Free your Mind

Free your mind when you create. Be like water flowing and free, like a child running, jumping and playing, if you watch their movements children move through the world without a care, this is the same attitude to try to adopt when creating.

Don’t block yourself mentally when you feel like you have made a mistake, it may well be something that could be useful for your future creative projects. I know in many of my so-called

mistakes as an artist I have developed these to be new techniques or as Bob Ross (famous painter) calls them `happy accidents’ there is no such thing as a mistake! Or simply move on and try again you will get better as time goes on.

Brainstorm ideas that flow through, grab a piece of paper and brainstorm or doodle ideas you may have. It might look like a scribble or just random patterns initially that’s completely fine, many great things have come from the almighty scribble so get writing or drawing!

5 Don’t be too hard on yourself

Like anything that is new to learn it can take time to integrate the lessons, give yourself the time to grow creatively and know the more that you practice and the more you enjoy the process the quicker your skills will come in. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the moments you’re in. Trust the process and enjoy being creative.

Written by Latesha Houston for our parent company

All artwork is original by Latesha Houston and can be purchased here.

Latesha Houston is a travelling self taught artist, lover of nature, fantasy and the hidden realms of the universe. A creative who loves to write, inspire and motivate others.