5 Extraordinary Signs You Are A Truly Beautiful Person (that have nothing to do with looks)

In today’s world, we focus way too much on the physical appearance regarding beauty. Look in any magazine and you are bombarded with images of people who, let’s face it, none of us look like in our daily lives. And this makes others go out of their way to emulate these false images. We are focusing on all the wrong aspects of true beauty.
What is truly beautiful is internal. It doesn’t matter what you wear or what size you are.

These are the 5 extraordinary signs that you are truly beautiful, and they have nothing to do with physical appearance:

1. You Are Kind And Generous

The truest beauty shines when someone is kind. Kindness and compassion go a long way in this world, and it’s what makes someone shine from within. Whether it is sending a random message letting someone know you are thinking of them, or showing your support to someone who really needs it, or even smiling at a total stranger- ever little kindness makes this world more beautiful and it’s because you are in it.

2. You Go Out Of Your Way To Understand

Taking the time to understand what someone is going through is a major aspect of beauty. Understanding in all it’s forms is something we should all try to do once in a while. Having an open mind, being willing to look at another view, is what makes you an incredible person.

3. You Are Strong

It isn’t just physical strength and muscles which makes someone a strong person. Emotional strength also plays a role in beauty. Standing up to bullies when someone is being picked on or abused, lending a shoulder for someone to cry on, and giving someone supportive words when they need it most- that is true strength. Being able to show sympathy and compassion to the people around you is one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have.

4. You Have Confidence, Not Ego

Ego is dangerous, and in fact rather unattractive. Confidence, however, is truly beautiful. Someone who is confident is attractive to everyone around them because they know their worth, and others see it too. These people can take on the whole world if they needed to, and they can look good doing it. When you start believing you are everything you want to be, you exude beauty.

5. You Smile

Nothing shows true beauty like a smile. It doesn’t matter if you feel like your smile is a good one or not. You can have a total of three teeth and still have the brightest smile in the world. It’s not physical appearance that matters, but what the smile represents. Even if you don’t think you have a nice smile, I bet you have been told how amazing it is and how it lights up the room.