Choose One Dreamcatcher To Learn Something Interesting About Yourself

Authentic dream catchers are made with a wooden hoop, usually made out of willow, and often have sacred objects (beads, feathers) hanging beneath the center of the circle. Some have leather wrapped around the wooden portion which is often an indication of its authenticity. The Ojibwe tribe is responsible for the creation of the spiritual item and their inspiration originates from spiders, which is why the woven thread in the center of the dream catcher resembles a spider web. The thread often connects to the hoop in eight points as a tribute to the eight legs of a spider.

Legends held that the spider web design of the dream catcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children.

Bad dreams, however, would be caught in the web. As the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear.

Others interpret the dream catcher’s function in a different way. Some believe instead that bad dreams pass through the holes in the web and exit out the nearest window.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours relating to elements and the natural world. Let’s see which one you choose, and what it says about you.


If you chose this dreamcatcher, then it is clear you are a very honest and reliable friend in life. You may blindly trust others at first, but once they show their true colours and lie to you once, it’s over. You expect others to trust you, simply because you put yours out there so freely.

There are certain benefits to this, but soon you will find that trust must be earned.


If this is the dreamcatcher you have chosen, then you must be a very tidy person. Always choosing to see the positive in life because you’ve already spent so much of it looking at, and experiencing, the negative.

You dislike chaos and discord, and avoid situations that make you spend time with inauthentic people. You are one who prefers harmony and calm.


If you chose this dreamcatcher, then you are a very optimistic person. Chances are, you choose to always see the good side in life. You have many friends, and people seem drawn to you, even if you aren’t quite sure why.

You are non-judgmental and everyone loves that about you. The only person you need to learn how to judge less, is yourself.


If you chose this dreamcatcher, then you are a very sympathetic person. You can’t stand to see someone suffering, and do your best to keep everyone happy. Your compassion knows no bounds.

Of course, this can take a toll and you may be under some heavy stress from doing this all the time. Remember to put yourself first once in a while.


If you chose this dreamcatcher, you are a very independent and strong person. Others admire your strength, but they probably don’t tell you because you are usually distant and aloof.

You tend to worry too much, and that can cause overthinking to be a real problem. Once you’ve made up your mind, no one can change it for you, regardless of what they say.

Raven Josephine-Povar

Born in Chile, I moved to NY when I was 17, and never stopped chasing my dreams. Avid writer, and cat enthusiast, I explore the world around me and share the interesting things I find with an open mind.