What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About Your Dark Side?

Every single on of us has a dark side, and we all have something that can unleash the roaring lion within.

Whether it is annoying pet peeves, someone pushing you past your boundaries, or saying something intentionally rude, chances are you have a pretty good grasp on not letting your anger fly off the handle. You know how to keep things inside, but when enough is enough, you will let your dark side loose.

Here’s what your birth month says about your dark side:

1. January

January born people are very kind-hearted, and will usually go with the flow. The only time they will let their anger show is if you hurt someone they care about. They put up with a lot, and tend to sweep things under the rug, but that is one thing they will not tolerate, and their wrath shows.

2. February

February born people are extremely tolerant of others, and make friends quickly. However, when someone insults you or your friends, you find a way to make them regret it.

3. March

March born people are emotional and tend to get caught up in how things feel. One thing is for sure, even though it’s not a punishable offense to upset you, those who do so will wish it was the police they were dealing with instead of you.

4. April

April born people love with their entire being. They have the biggest hearts of all. That being said, when you break their heart, don’t expect the nice love-dovey person to still be there for you. They will cut all ties and never look back.

5. May

May born people are blunt, honest, and get straight to the point. The one thing they won’t stand for is backstabbing or two faced gossip. And they will let you know straight to your face what they think about you.

6. June

June born people take pride in their authenticity. So much so, that it annoys them when they see someone being fake. They are great friends and have no problem telling you the truth, even if it hurts. Don’t lie to them or you’ll face their brutal honesty.

7. July

July born people are very warm and make friends easily. However, if you break their trust, that warm loving person can turn cold as ice in a heartbeat. It will be as if you never knew them.

8. August

August born people have a way with words. Their creativity is their strongest trait. If someone insults your art, hard work, or opinion, you do not hesitate to put them in their place. And you do it in such a clever way, they usually have nothing left to say afterwards.

9. September

September born people are a cut above the rest. They have a keen analytical mind, and observe way more than they ever let on. When someone tries to lie to you, or keeps the truth from you, you come back with a viper’s tongue. Honestly, people seriously underestimate how painful your words can be.

10. October

October born people are strong, resilient individuals. They never back down and always stand up for what is right, even if they lose friends in theĀ  process. If you keep pushing their buttons, they will eventually make you feel as small as a mouse and as clever as a rock.

11. November

November born people are caring and giving. They always put others first. one thing that sets them off is selfishness. If they see someone being this way, their blood boils. After everything they do for others, to see someone act so rudely makes them want to scream.

12. December

December born people are very adventurous people, depending on where they are going or what they are doing. They have a mean streak though, if you set them on the warpath. Revenge is always on the menu for them.

Raven Josephine-Povar

Born in Chile, I moved to NY when I was 17, and never stopped chasing my dreams. Avid writer, and cat enthusiast, I explore the world around me and share the interesting things I find with an open mind.